*is pathetic and sensitive but also a giant asshole*

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when you’re reading porn and you can’t tell what position their bodies are supposed to be in and you’ve lost track of all limbs and you’re just



most people think that anīme is derived from the word animation but it is actually from the latin root anim meaning life or soul because when you watch anime thats what it devours


instead of a coffee shop au consider instead a hell’s kitchen au and let me explain u why:

  • ur otp has to live in close quarters in the dorms
  • making out in the pantry
  • gordon ramsay
  • sexual tension at the fish station
  • unfriendly competition
  • gordon ramsay
  • s a b o t a g e
  • if they win the challenges they get to go on neat day trips together
  • if they lose the challenges they have to do manual labor
  • think of the possibilities this presents
  • !!!!!
  • gordon ramsay

A world where you can’t feel anything is lonely.

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by E邑E
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by E邑E

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Sousuke: I just wanted to fucking sleep.

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When you see people talking shit about your favorite anime


らくがき || dukeharePermission to post given by artist
らくがき || dukehare
Permission to post given by artist

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Zankyou No Terror - Main Characters

which feels pretty good, you know;


Anime vs. Manga: Characters


Tbh the only thought that came to mind when watching this weeks ep…